7 Reasons Why It Is Important To Moisturize Your Skin

Who doesn't LOVE smooth skin?!
Aside from making it smooth and soft, keeping your skin moisturized has some important health benefits.
Skin is our largest organ, and operates as a barrier to protect us from environmental stressors and even some bacteria causing infections . Today we are taking a look at a list of  7 of the many benefits to keeping the skin moisturized:
1. It prevents the skin from cracking and breaking
2. It helps to prevent wrinkles
3. Improves its appearance
4. Helps elasticity
5. Helps keep eczema flare ups under control
6. Helps soothe sensitive skin
7. Gives skin a healthy look and feel 
LD Botanicals' Body and Foot Butter helps to improve the skin's 
texture, feel and appearance. 
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